Facial retightening

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Comprehensive facial retightening without surgery – Cutaneous tension fibres/ threads.

Facial treatment with threads, it is one of the most popular techniques as it is posible to run a face tightening without the need of having a surgery.

The use of rebsorbable tensor threads (polydioxanone) or stitches with rebsorbable cones ( polylactic- polymer acid)  carry out a “lifting” effect, non surgical.

When we talk about fighting the aging effects, the priority is to recover the skin smoothness and firmness, as well as the face profile recovery. This achieves the combination of two effects: skin lift and tissue regeneration. The “lifting” effect is discrete and immediate as they compress and rise the tissues. The regenerative effect is natural and progressive.

We are dealing with an efficient, fast and safe treatment, it takes 30 minutes to carry out and it will depend on each case. It is carried out with local anesthesia and this is a great advantage compared to other treatments, as it is less invasive than a lifting and to the contrary its effects are less durable than the classic liftings.

The threads improve the skin look, immediately after being introduced, however they help to the natural formation of collagen.

The combination of this technique combined with some others like mesotherapy, peelings, etc. They can do that your face acquires the a young and firm look that has lost over the years.Do not hesitate and let us assess you, we count on the best medical and specialised team.

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