Varicose and spider veins

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Varicose treatment and phlebosclerosis of spider veins.

The varicose veins are more frequent in women, although it can also appear on men. Usually they appear on legs but they can also affect other areas.

The principal causes are:

Congenit, faulty valves, if the heart valves do not work correctly, the blood does not circulate properly and that causes swelling in some veins.

Thrombophlebitis, in that case we deal with thrombus and blood clots caused by long periods of inactivity.

Pregnancy, this is the most probable cause, usually these are secondary varicose veins that are easy to remove.

We offer non surgical techniques to repair varicose and spider veins. This therapy is advised for those small vascular and superficial effusion.

It consists on painless microinjections on the varicose vein that progressively produce its disappearance. The application of Aetoxisclerol or Polidocanol inside the varicose vein produces a swelling on the inner layer of the vein and trigger the formation of a microthrombi that afterwards will be reabsorbed causing the varicose vein to disappear. It is a simple, easy and comfortable technique with visible effects 3 days after the treatment is done.

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