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Line expression and wrinkles treatment- dynamic wrinkles (Botulinum Toxin- “Botox”)

The “Botox” is a protein that relaxes the face muscles, removing or reducing the wrinkles and leaving the skin in a relaxed, slendered and smooth way. Returning the light to the face after the application in small doses. This is due to the suppression of the production of the neurotransmisor of acetylcholine responsible for the transmission of the nerve impulse that creates the muscle transmission. The treatment consists on the subcutaneous and direct application in small doses of the botulinum toxin (type A) in the muscle area where anti aesthetic lines of expression are created such as the glabella, forehead and “crows feet” area.

We can also deal with the wrinkles formed surrounding the lips area and the flaccidity of the neck. This is a fast, safe, successful and of a great impact procedure on the face image. You can have it combined with other medical- aesthetic and surgical treatments. This technique is not recommended for patients with neurological diseases, pregnant women or allergic to the albumin, this is why our professionals will carry out a clinical interview and a physical test.

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