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Hyaluronic Acid

Face Fillers: Hyaluronic Acid and Calcium Hydroxyapatite (Furrows treatment/ deep wrinkles/ depressions)

Time passes and affects us all and we can see its effects in our face. The skin loses its elastin and small wrinkles appear surrounding the lips, eyes and forehead. Some are very deep furrows that give our image an aged, tired and a discomfort look. Facial fillers can help to correct these effects. The hyaluronic acid , apart from giving a filler effect, also hydrates the skin due to as its molecules trap the water. This acid is in reality a present component in our organism the retains and preserves the water in the skin and whose production is reduced over the years. It is a widely recommended technique in the entire world as it has proved to be effective in the treatment of the nasogenian furrow lines ( nose and mouth), nasolacrimal ( from the eye lacrimal towards the eyebag ), the neck, the cleavage, lips, volume lips,etc. It presents a variable duration between 8 and 24 months, being a resorbable and everlasting product.

The Calcium Hydroxyapatite is used as a substance for resorbable implant and it is composed of microparticules suspended on a portable gel that are injected in the skin by a simple and safe treatment minimally invasive. It is immediately effective; its texture is creamy and soft; it is natural at touch and it remains in its place for 18 months. As it is a biocompatible product, it is not necessary to wait for the allergy test results and given that it is biodegradable it perfectly adapts to aesthetics needs of the face. It is used on face wrinkles, smile lines,nose (rhino model) and in cases of facial lipoatrophy, giving a tightening and reaffirming effect to the skin and face tissues.

The Polylactic Acid is a product to increase the face tissue volume that also benefits the collagen synthesis and elastin of the skin. The results are long lasting and natural (2 years of permanence) in the cheek , neck and peribuccal areas. It is frequently used in the deep mesotherapy or lifting without surgery.

The Polycaprolactone (PCL) is an non permanent and sterile implant that does not contain latex or allergens. Completely absorbable and biocompatible, is a medical polymer used around the world for several decades in different treatments. This product gets to stimulate the creation of collagen of type I and III (young skin). It combines the benefits of immediate wrinkles and creases correction as well as the stimulation of collagen of the body with long lasting beautiful and fresh results.

The collagen is an important supportive structure that can be found naturally in our skin, helping to keep the proper slenderness and elastin. Over the years our skin loses natural collagen gradually which generates facial flaccidity and weakness and the appearance of cutaneous wrinkles and creases.

Note: In Silfid’ we do not apply deposit or absorbable materials as this significantly increase the secondary complications or infections development in the face. The products that we apply are always chosen depending on your needs and studying each case individually. All of our products are guaranteed by the American FDA , the CEE and the Spanish Ministry of Health and are products biodegradables in medium and long term.

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