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Rejuvenation with stem cells

Rejuvenation with stem cells

In Silfid’ we know how important is to show off a fresh and good looking skin, and this is why we put the best treatments at our patients disposal: Rejuvenation treatment with stem cells.

Thanks to this modern procedure we can give volume to the face, chin, cheek bones, fill furrows and wrinkles and eventually improve the skin look in general, providing it with freshness and smoothness. In addition it helps to delay the aging, a good solution at your disposal.

How do you accomplish the rejuvenation with the stem cells?

We are talking about an ambulatory process which does not require hospitalization. Firstly we need to run a small liposuction, in the abdominal area. For this first procedure we will use local anesthesia. From the abdomen we will extract a small fat quantity, between 100 and 200cc and from there we will get the stem cells.

From the extracted fat we proceed to isolate the cells so we can carry out the rejuvenation treatment with stem cells. A centrifuge machine to separate the different materials, until these are completely separated. Once we obtain the stem cells and with mesotherapy we will apply small injections in the area we want to treat, and achieving a stimulation and a regeneration of the treated area. The entire process is done in our clinic and by our expert medical team, offering unbeatable results.

Which are the perfect areas for the rejuvenating treatment with stem cells?

This treatment is perfect for improving the skin look. Under our experience with this treatment we can achieve fantastic results on the face, cleavage, neck and hands. Moreover, this treatment is suitable to reinstate the volume which the improvement of the face look is important, improving the chin, bone cheek, expression lines and even the lips.

The great difference between this treatment and others is the long lasting effects, they are immediate and the long lasting effects can remain with the patient for the rest of his/her life. The stem cells are alive so they do not produce a transitory effect as hyaluronic acid does, which is also used for the rejuvenating treatments. However, the chronicle deterioration continues, although the treated area will be seen less affected and will present a slower deterioration.

Counter-indications for the rejuvenating treatment with stem cells.

This is little invasive so it entails little risks. Furthermore it is not painful and it has little counter-indications. As we are working with the patient’s tissues the risk is minimal. Nevertheless in the extraction of stem cell process, the liposuction can produce small hematomes, as well as during the mesotherapy. These hematomes can last several days depending on the patient, but the normally between 3 and 5 days.

A modern and little risk technique, to renew your deep skin and to obtain a younger look. Rejuvenating procedure with stem cells.

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Rejuvenation with stem cells

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Rejuvenation with stem cells

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