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Liposuction in Alicante

Liposculpture is one of the most popular techniques in aesthetics surgery and the most effective when it comes to remove accumulated fat. In Silfid’ we have a lot of experience in carrying out these kind of interventions, laser vibroliposuction and liposuction are the latest techniques in liposculpture. Leading clinic in liposuction techniques in Alicante.

Liposculpture, Laser Vibroliposuction and Liposuction.

The laser liposuction is the ideal alternative to remove the accumulated fat. Modelling the body shape and getting the desired look. It is one of the most used and useful procedures in aesthetics surgery, given its immediate result and its fast recovery. Nowadays it is also used as a base for the lipofilling and breast and bottom augmentation with fat.

In Vistahermosa Clinic our Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Unit counts on two most modern and effective types of liposuction. These are the Laser Vibroliposuction and Liposuction. Liposuction in Alicante, the widest offer.


This is a version of the traditional liposuction. This is added to the mechanical action of the liposuction run by the plastic surgeon, the oscillating or vibrating action of the pneumatic liposuction system. This allows then the use of fine and small liposuction cannulas so the necessary incisions are smaller. As well as the extraction of the fat volume in a shorter period of time.

The expert hands of Dr. Aparicio achieve with this technique true structural changes that combined with cutaneous retightening systems obtain a perfect silhouette for our patients.

Laser Liposuction

This is the ideal complement for the vibroliposuction techniques. With this we get a tightening effect that on the contrary it would be limited. Given the magnitude of the liposuctions. Moreover it reduces the appearance of hematomes . All of this allows the liposuctions carried out in Silfid’ are the most tolerated by our patients. Giving a fast recovery and incorporation to their daily life.

Liposuctions together with other interventions as abdominoplasty, body shape remodel, gluteoplasty and face, arms and thigh lifts, achieve excellent aesthetics results, improving and refining the areas.

Liposuction in Alicante

In Silfid’ we can offer you a solution to those fat deposits that are impossible to remove besides diets and exercise.

Características del procedimiento:

Duration of the procedure Variable ( depending on the number of areas and the collaboration with other procedures (2-5 hours)
Anesthesia General or Epidural with local anesthetic infiltration
Hospitalization Outpatient or depending on the interventions 1 Day
Return to work life Return to work life
Results Immediate and final after 2 months when the swelling and oedema is absorbed and gone
Special Care Always associated to a  pressotherapy system. Pneumatic pressotherapy, lymphatic drainage and firming treatments, necessary after a liposuction of a great importance.


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Liposuction in Alicante

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Liposuction in Alicante

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