Eyelids and bags.

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Operación bolsas y párpados

 Correction of the eyelids.

There are different reasons why the upper eyelids can fall down to your eyes. This is called ptosis palpebral and it is frequently associated to a degree of a facial aging and periocular.
This situation can limit the visual capacity, presenting itself as a true curtain of the visual field that blocks the appropriate sight.
A problem often associated  with the border of the upper eyelid falling to a lower position than normal, it is a situation that is also presented after indelicate aesthetics blepharoplasty procedures.
The surgical correction of this problem constitutes a challenge for the plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and often it has to be addressed in combination with a specialised ophthalmologist team. In many occasions, the lack of knowledge about this pathology makes the patient to be subject of basic aesthetics blepharoplasties that does not achieve the correction of the muscular and dynamic problem but adds more scar tissue that drags out the even more the correct recovery and rehabilitation of the dynamic of the eyelid.

In our centre we count on wide experience in this difficult situation that is why we can offer you a global assessment and a final correction to this problem working together with our specialised team in ophthalmology and oculoplastic procedures.

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Surgery Characteristics

Duration of the procedure 1 – 2 hours
Anesthesia Local + sedation or general
Hospitalization Outpatient surgery (non hospitalized)
Return to work life Between 15-20 days after the oedema and palpebral ecchymosis from the intervention have dissappeared.
Special Needs Cold maks. Ointment and eye drops.  Lymphatic drainage.

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