Facial implant extractions

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Extraction of facial siliconoma and other filling materials.

Facial implant extraction. Nowadays there are many patients who got liquid silicone and derived products injected in the face. These fillers are presented as non absorbable products and generate many and varied problems. Currently they are forbidden both in US and Europe due to the complications such as swelling, pain or even face disfigurement.

The extraction of these fillers has to be done meticulously, analysing each case and laying out the best solution to each patient both in aesthetics and reconstructive surgery. In some cases it is complicated to entirely remove these fillers as they have scattered around the face muscles and nerves. However, in each case our main concern is to completely remove it and help the patient to preserve the natural shape of the face as well as to help to aesthetically improve it.
In Silfid’ we carry out individualised studies, informing the patients the different surgical alternatives that exist to solve the problems caused by these implants. We are specialists in facial implant extractions.
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