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Facial Lift

Total facial or cervico facial lift

The lifting or facial lift is one of the interventions used to remove those visible signs of aging on the face and neck (front lift and cervico facial lift).

Dr. Aparicio and his team present the facial rejuvenation as the sum of several interventions designed to improve the facial quality tissues and its positioning; ultimately we want to offer you a younger look.
Our face is a harmonical combination and because of that in SILFID’ we set out the facial rejuvenation and primarily the total facial lift must tackle the main reference points of the face.

These are:

Forehead and the appearance of wrinkles and line expressions.
Eyebrows and upper eyelid drop.
Correction of the palpebral bags and lower periocular furrows (bags).
Cheekbone position and drop with the relative appearance of nasolabial furrow and the so called marionette lines.
Loss of facial contour definition and mandibular line.
Sagging and cutaneous flaccidity on the jowls and neck.
For all of this, our facelifts look for a complete result which with minimum surgical interventions we get a young and balanced image. No unreasonable lifts that give our image a non natural look.

Our outline when you apply for a facial lift:

1.A proper complete assessment of you face, the tissue quality, your clinic history and lifestyle, as well as the possible diseases or medicines that might be relevant for the intervention.
2.The beginning of the treatment starts with a deep facial cleanliness and a regenerative and preparation therapy of the facial and skin tissues.
3.The approach of the necessary aesthetic surgery combines procedures such as: eyebrow lift, surgical toxina botulínica, vertical facelift, mini facelift and deep facial lines (SAMSH), liposuction combination and neck retightening with the correction of wrinkles and creases (platysma); as well as facial rejuvenation with stem cells and an increase of volume with fat (lipofilling). Also the combination of rhinoplasty, rhino modeling and otoplasty techniques in cases where these interventions are necessary.
4.The correction of peribuccal or periocular wrinkles through dermoabrasion techniques; and face tissue regrowth with the use of a derma roller or chemical peeling depending on the case.
5.Application of botulinum toxin to use as a treatment for expression lines and as a filler; or facial resorbable fillers like hyaluronic acid to outline the lips and to correct facial furrows.

As always , all these surgical techniques are available but this does not mean that will be applied in every case. A high quality aesthetics facial surgery individualises each case and defines which are the steps for a successful result without exceeding nor falling short in the outcome.

Characteristics of the procedure:

Duration of the procedure 4 – 6 hours
Anesthesia General
Hospitalization 1-2 days depending on each case.
Return to work life 20-30 depending on the work life of the patient and the magnitude of the intervention.
Results Noticeable in 30 days and final after a year.

Eyebrow Lift

Lies in the lifting of one or both eyebrows, depending on the correction of the normal drop of the eyebrows over the years; or because of the presence of abnormal drop due to congenital, traumatic, etc. causes.

Características del procedimiento:

Duration of the procedure 1 hour
Anesthesia Local + sedation
Hospitalization Outpatient surgery (non hospitalized)
Return to work life 3 days
Results Permanent after the swelling and healing have disappeared.


In Silfid’ we work hard to give you the best service so we carry out the most modern procedures as are the mini invasive frontal lifting, frontal subperiosteal suspension , supraciliar suspension and the use of specific devices like mini endotine, etc. These surgeries are conducted for facial rejuvenation and of the gaze procedures, always looking for a discreet and natural result. In each case, we will adapt to the patients needs.

Characteristics of the procedure:

Duration of the procedure 2 – 3 hours
Anesthesia Local + sedation o general
Hospitalization 0 o 1 day
Return to work life After 5-7 days after the surgery
Results Noticeable after 3-4 weeks and final after 3-6 months.
Special Needs Lymphatic drainage during the postoperative period and care of the incisions.


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