Substitution from prosthesis to fat

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Substitution from prosthesis to fat.

Implant extraction.

It is not a very frequent case but sometimes you want to remove the implants and you want to replace them for new ones, in that case what we advise you to choose the lipofilling, so you can get a breast augmentation with your own body fat. Due to this you will avoid the flaccidity in your breast caused by the implant removal.


In addition, lipofilling has great advantages over the prosthesis as it is your own body fat you it will not be rejected and you are not going to produce any encapsulations. You will get a more natural look and the breast can be remodeled.
It is necessary for you to have enough tummy and thigh fat so the result is successful. Moreover you will enjoy a body weight loss ( liposculpture).
The fat quantity is key as you need to have enough as afterwards it will go through a process in which some of if will be lost. Nowadays it is one of the best solutions for those who want to have their mammary implants removed.

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