Food Intolerance

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Test of food intolerance.

Some food can cause a reaction in our body due to a hypersensitivity that we have towards them, causing allergies and intolerances. In these cases where these food causes allergies we must avoid them completely, and in the case of intolerance a reaction is produced in the body as we are not able to digest properly the food.

Food intolerance happens on an intestinal level. The organism generates antibodies to some food on account of a sensitization of the digestive organ towards a component as the immune systems thinks they are harmful. This pathology might originate a chronic disease.

This phenomena happens repeatedly and in many occasions it is quite hard to notice as an specific test is required to detect it.

The test is run on a small blood sample. From the result we will precisely determine which are the food that are harmful for you, studying thoroughly those ones you include in your daily meals. With the results of the test you will get a complete report with the food you can eat with no restrictions, which are the ones you must avoid and which are the ones you should vary.

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