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Arms lift ( Brachioplasty)

The inside part of the arms is an area of our body where the elastic capacity is more limited, it is normal that anti aesthetic drooping skin (bat wings) appears. This even entails difficulties when it comes to walking and dressing up.

The internal parts of arms and thighs are areas where usually the passage of time is shown quickly as they are under the influence of weight gain and loss as well as by the reduction of the physical activity. In this situation is specially important to know if you have been subject of a massive weight loss ( surgically or by a balanced diet and exercise). If that is the case, this can lead you to a fall down or drooping of the body tissues.

To remove the arms and thighs drooping skin typical from the aging and from the massive weight loss, we only have one option: a tissue elongation, lipoaspiration and reallocation, thus obtaining toned and young arms and thighs. The scars, when it is possible, are hidden in the cutaneous crease closer to the thorax, remaining concealed.

This surgery can be combined with a mastopexy (breast skin elongation) in cases where simultaneously the drooping of arms and breast skin has been produced. In that way, the patient only has to go through surgery once, and in that intervention the patient will get a very significant change on arms, breast and body trunk.

We always recommend continuing the treatment after these interventions with the support of our aesthetics expert who will use lymphatic drainage, pressotherapy and radiofrequency techniques on the affected areas to get the best reconstructive and aesthetics result.

Characteristics of arms lift:

Duration of the procedure 2 – 4 hours
Anesthesia General
Hospitalization 24 hours
Return to work life Between 1 to 3 weeks
Results Immediate and final after 3 months
Special Care Aspirational drainage as well as use pressotherapy garments to lift the surgical result.
Radiofrequency, pressotherapy and early lymphatic drainage.


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