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Post Bariatric surgery

Post bariatric surgery and after a huge weight loss

If you have lost quite a lot of weight or you have been subject of a bariatric surgery, it is possible that in your body appear drooping skin. These droppings usually appear in the abdomen, breast, arms and thighs.

The bariatric surgery improves the patient’s health and also produces an extreme change of their body image that must be corrected surgically using different techniques of body sculpting.

With the post bariatric surgery we carry out a combination of surgical procedures that must be done in an specific order, prioritizing the needs and goals of improving the general body image. This will give you comfort upon moving, sprucing up, getting dressed and starting the new life you were looking for. This is purely a reconstructive surgery.

We would like to highlight in these procedures that given the nutritional habits of the patients, there is a bigger risk of opening incisions due to the weakness of their tissues. This entails then that we have to carry out an specific surgical technique as well as a series of special cares to achieve the perfect recovery of the wounds and to avoid any complications.

It is essential that the patient stops smoking as tobacco causes major damage in the microcirculation of the tissues and its components have a toxic effect.

In our clinic we will explain in detail which are the goals to achieve in each procedure both in arms, legs, abdomen and trunk as in the facial, gluteal and breast area. Likewise we will show you how we design these interventions to hide and minimize the scars. Contact us and begin the process to a more comfortable and restorative life. 

Combined surgical planning:

We usually plan several simultaneous interventions depending on your needs. As we combine them we reduce the amount of surgical moments and we improve the results.

  • Mammary reshaping (with self-prosthesis or silicone prosthesis) + Brachioplasty.
  • Practical abdominoplasty with flank reshaping + lifting and pubic reshaping.
  • Liposculpture of the back trunk + gluteal lifting ( with or without prosthesis).
  • Cruroplasty (thigh lift) + thighs, knees and ankles liposculpture.
  • Cruroplasty or thigh lift + traditional abdominoplasty or mini abdominoplasty.

We recommend seeing our section of brachioplasties, gluteal or thigh lifts, abdominoplasties and mammary pexies to supplement the information given in this area.

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Post Bariatric surgery

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Post Bariatric surgery

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