Erasure of scars

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Erasure of scars.

In our clinic we run every type of skin repairing surgeries, scar corrections, burn corrections, etc.
Thanks to the plastic surgery it is possible to erase scars, improving significantly the patients look and making the scars less visible.
There are several types of scars and depending on the origin, either ulcers, acne, traumas, burns or due to surgeries, Dr. Aparicio’s team will identify what type of scar you have and which will be the appropriate procedure for your case.


Can they be completely removed?

We will never be able to remove it completely but we can improve the look of the scar significantly, making it less visible and improving its image.


How long do I have to wait to treat it?

We would have to wait reasonable time from the moment the scar is created. As the look of the scar can improve or aggravate as the time passes.


Scar revision.

The revision of the scar is how the plastic surgery calls the scar erasure procedure which is a safe and a low risk surgery.
Scar erasure is a technique from the plastic surgery that significantly improves the look of your scars either they are produced by a previous surgery , a burn, ace or a trauma. This would improve your look and your skin quality, as well as confidence.

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