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Skin cancer

Skin cancer, complex wounds and facial tumors.

The intense solar exposure, the type of skin, tobacco and medicine consumption; traffic or domestic injuries in many occasions share the development of facial tumors or abnormal scar processes. The treatment of these injuries must be carried out with professionalism and the necessary techniques; as well as with the obvious oncological and surgical concepts that only a Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon has.

In Silfid’ you will receive the expert assessment that you require from Dr. Aparicio and his team. You will get not only the resolution to your tumoral problem but also the reconstructive procedure that assures you the most functional and aesthetics result. Combining several surgical techniques, we will obtain the best possible result with minimum complications.

Ask for a specialised consultation in our centre in Vistahermosa Clinic, where we assess your case individually and we will present the different alternatives to your problem.

Characteristics of the procedure:

Duration of the procedure
Variable ( both in the oncological resection and its reconstruction, they will depend of the size of the injury and its location)
Local + sedation
Surgery without hospitalization
Return to work life
Depending on the complexity of the intervention and the working life; between 7 and 15 days.
Noticeable depending on the complexity level, after 7 days , after a month or after 3 months from the surgical intervention.

Tumors in soft areas

The presence of injuries and tumors of the cutaneous system, and skeletal muscle require a thorough study and a systematic, coordinate and efficient action, with the aim of offering each patient the best security and therapeutic possibilities available.

In the Vistahermosa Clinic the unit of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery of Dr. José Aparicio, carries out an essential collaborative task with the rest of the surgical and medical teams. This task is focused on the restitution of the lost anatomy once the tumor is removed, as well as the prevention of injuries in noble structure ( cartilage, bone, vessel, nerves, etc.) on the face, trunk and limbs.

On the limbs, the functional restitution of the lost tissues also entails the substitution of damaged areas caused by trauma, previous surgical interventions, infectious process and burns.

Dr. Aparicio’s team is a professional team used to solve the most complex reconstructive cases. This allows us to offer you a wide range of surgical alternatives that go from the use of biological and biocompatible materials and products until the use of the patient’s own tissues and the displacement of complex tissues based on microsurgery techniques.

We resolve cases that go from trauma injuries,articular prosthesis expositions and materials of bone fixation, big damages after radical tumorectomies, post-operative muscle-tendinose injuries corrections,etc.

These surgical interventions of great importance, usually imply a long hospitalization (from 1 to 2 weeks) where we carry out a combined series of specific rehab therapies for each case.

Characteristics of the procedure:

Duration of the procedure

Between 6 – 8 hours


General and in many cases combined with area or local blockage


Long and depending on the complexity and the surgery ( between 2 and 4 weeks)

Return to work life

Variable depending on the case ( between 3 and 6 months)

Special Care

Use of rehab systems, external fixations, special healing materials, pressotherapy, etc.

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