Mammary reconstruction with thigh tissue (TUG / Microsurgery)

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Mammary reconstruction with thigh tissue (TUG / Microsurgery)

When we have necessary abdominal tissue for a microsurgical reconstruction ( in thin patients) the use of the internal part of the thighs is an excellent alternative.

This surgery allow us to transfer the bilateral tissue from the thighs to the breast and it is especially indicated to those women with little abdomen, or to those who are considering of getting pregnant soon, and that have to be subject of a conservative bilateral skin mastectomy.

This is without doubt a great importance surgery that achieves the removal or cleanliness of the breast on the presence or risk of breast cancer; and its simultaneous reconstruction.

Once again, as we are dealing with a microsurgical transplant, the planning and preparation, as well as the care of each one of the stages are fundamental. A systematic study of the patient’s situation is required, as is the study of the best reconstructive alternatives for the patient.

It has the inconvenient of having to use tissue from the internal part of the thighs which means the breast volume will be small, and the donor tissue area (thighs) must be thoroughly taken care of to avoid the opening or dehiscence of the surgical wounds.

This therefore is an extra alternative to the reconstructive techniques used in Silfid’, always searching the safety of our patients and interventions, that is why we will choose the most suitable technique for each case.

Characteristics of mammary reconstruction with thigh tissue (TUG):

Duration of the procedure 7-8 hours
Previous Studies Thigh and receiver areas CAT scan
Hospitalization 5 days
Return to work life 6 to 8 weeks
Special Care Stop Tamoxifen 15 days. Incisions and aspirational drainage care. Use of sports bra and thorough hygiene in the incision areas.

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