Reconstructive Surgery

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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Thanks to the plastic reconstructive surgery the body can recover its aesthetics look and its normal function; for instance in case of suffering a severe accident, a cancer surgery or any type of malformation.

This is without doubt the most complicated type of surgery as many times it requires several surgical procedures but in our clinic we are specialists in repairing and reconstructive surgery and we count in the best team and professionals.

One of the most common cases in this field is the mammary reconstruction and we have numerous successful cases.

It is also common to deal with scars and burns, deeply improving the look as well as flaws in any part of the body. For a correct correction for any of the cases that may be presented to us, firstly we run a previous study and a thorough assessment of the initial state and the possible outcome. We study the origin of the damage and we appreciate the state of the skin and tissue that needs to be repaired so we get the best possible result.

We count on Dr. José Aparicio Alcázar who is a specialist in plastic and repairing surgery.