Abdominal wall reconstruction

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Abdominal wall reconstruction

In many occasions as the result of multiple surgical interventions as well as from traumatic accidents or injuries of the abdominal wall, abdominal weaknesses are presented that in spite of the frequent use of anchoring and binding meshes by general surgeons, these cause discomfort, chronic pain and anti aesthetic swelling in the abdominal wall. It is when in this situation our reconstructive surgeons carry out procedures of displacement and reinforcement of the muscle structures with the use of of permanent and absorbable meshes that combined solve these severe problems.

A detailed study of the problem will be required both several image tests (computerized tomographies) and functional tests ( electromyography in selected cases) that will give us the opportunity of designing the required surgery and solution. Contact us and you will understand why we are pioneers in complex abdominal reconstructions.

Characteristics of abdominal wall reconstruction:

Duration of the procedure 1 – 3 hours
Anesthesia General
Hospitalization 1 ­- 3 days
Return to work life Depending on the physical activity between 1-3 months.
Results Noticeable after 45 days and final after a year.
Special Care Use of pressotherapy garments and abdominal bandages.

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