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These are extremely traumatizing events, implying a enormous repercussion on the patient’s health and physical and psychological welfare.

This is produced by every agent that can destroy partially or totally the different skin components. This is why it exists burns from direct contact with fire or hot water, electricity, chemicals or even some poisons. In all of these cases the result implies a fundamental damage of the patient’s anatomy which in many cases can affect negatively the diseases that this has previously presented.

In Silfid’ the treatment of burned patients and their consequences is concentrated in professional with an specified formation on the subject. We can offer you the most specialised assistance in the intense stage of the injury, counting on our hospital support where we carry out the cleanliness, protection and cutaneous restitution procedures with synthetic materials or the patient’s skin. In addition, we offer the subsequent aesthetics and functional consequences follow-up, assessment and treatment that the burn causes.Our main goal on the patient’s assistance is to limit the damage produced and foresee the results from an inadequate medical assistance.

In many occasions we must adjust to a reconstructive plan depending on the moment and characteristics of our patients, considering an ambulatory assistance or a prolonged hospitalization. Our surgical plan will comprehend your needs and will seek to favour a fast recovery and to keep a comfortable and safe state, thus obtaining the limitation for the severe functional consequences inherent to the burns.

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