Hands rejuvenation

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Hands rejuvenation

The hands are very important because they are the most visible part of your body and they often suffer a lot. We offer you many different techniques to improve the look of your hands. Our medical team will always assess you on the treatments and combinations that better suit you.

Both techniques allow us to remove the pigmented stains and wrinkles, improve the look of the veins and skin, its texture and giving it light.Our medical team will assess you and will advise you the type of therapy or combination of therapies that better suits your case.

Pulsed light

Pulsed light or intense light (IPL) is very effective to remove solar, stress or old stains from your skin. Improving its look and giving it a much better uniform appearance. It can be used on hands, cleavage , face and neck.

The pulsed light allows the improvement of several aspects of the skin and at the same time improving the look of stains, veins and skin texture; recovering the entire image and stimulating the formation of collagen.

This a non aggressive treatment that can be done in several sessions. Noticeable from the very first session, but if we want an optimal result we should run from 6 to 8 sessions.


The microinjection of some substances can improve the aspect of your hands. This technique is little invasive and offers great results.

These are small infiltrations that stimulate the formation of collagen in your skin improving its look in a notorious way.

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