Surgery in the Suprapubic area

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Suprapubic area surgery.

Uncommon and unknown by the patients, this surgery achieves big results that improve the obese population problems. Both in men and women, the pubic area accumulates a large quantity of fat that it is not easy to remove and that can cause problems when it comes to dressing up and having sexual relations. These fat accumulations to this level usually cause the origin of insecurities despite of having easy solutions.

Both the resection in the fat block, through a lower abdomen incision, and a liposuction can remarkably improve the appearance of this delicate area or even, in the case of obese men, produce a considerable size enlargement of the penis. This is due as the excessive fat deposit unbalances the structure of the ligaments that keeps the penis in its position, producing a retraction and concealment of the penis in the pubic area. After releasing the fat and restituting the entirety of the system that holds the penis, a rising and an enlargement is produced and this eases the sexual relations and increases the self confidence of the patients.

Dr. Aparicio will explain the details of this intervention and its benefits, giving a real vision of what it is achievable and the steps to take to get the result.

Characteristics of suprapubic area surgery:

Duration of the procedure 1-2 hours depending on the needs of restitution of the inner pubic ligaments
Anesthesia Epidural + sedation or General
Hospitalization 1-2 days
Return to work life Depending on swelling between 5-7 days..
Results After around 15 days..
Special Care Immediate. The presence of swelling and hematoma after the session can be prolonged after a month and it will be spontaneously solved.

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