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Otoplasty in Alicante

Both in children and in adults the deformity of the ears can be the origin of personal insatisfaction and social maladjustment, development of trauma and insecurities. The commonly called “protruding ears” are the most frequent anatomic alteration in the face.

Counting on a wide variety in surgical alternatives, Silfid’ gives you the final solution. We carry out aural reconstruction using the most effective reconstructive techniques of cartilage moulding. Leaving an indiscernible scar behind the ears and a great aesthetics result, both in frontal and lateral/ back vision with a very natural look.

Ear surgery or otoplasty achieves a final restructuring of the shape, size and projection of the ears. Because of that it is convenient to do it in the early years of children ( around 6 years-old) to avoid the development of insecurities and bullying at school.

In adults, we look, above all, for an impeccable aesthetics look. A very fast recovery, as after two days of the surgery, it will be almost impossible to the detect the changes of it. Apart from the obvious facial improvement.

The come back to the work life will be fast after 48h initial post-operative cares. Having only to take care of our ears have recently been operated avoiding hits and abrupt handlings.

For this the obtained result will be final and excellent.

We are dealing with a fast, secure and predictable surgery that we carry out under general or local anesthesia and sedation that gives excellent results.

Characteristics of the otoplasty:

Duration of the procedure 1 hour
Anesthesia Local + sedation or general depending on if the patients are adults or children
Hospitalization                                    Outpatient surgery (non hospitalized)
Return to work life 2 Days
Results Noticeable after 2 days after removing the dressing and final after 15 days after the lingering swelling.




How long does the intervention last?

The ear surgery can last up to an hour and thirty minutes.

Who is the ideal candidate for this surgery?

Each case should be evaluated by the surgeon, but usually it is indicated in any of these cases:

  • Asymmetryc ears
  • Unusual shape of the aurical
  • Ears projected outwards
  • In case of children, at least older than 5 years-old

What type of anesthesia do we use?

The otoplasty is usually carried out with local anesthesia. When the intervention is done on children it is used general anesthesia, like that the patient will feel totally relaxed during the intervention.

What are the complications that may come up after the intervention?

We are dealing with a simple intervention that usually does not have any complications. In case they do, these would not be major ones, only temporary haematomas. In any case, our medical team will always inform each patient of the possible complications that may appear.

Cares prior the intervention

The preparation for the surgery starts once the patient comes to our clinic. The patient will be informed of which are the advisable habits that should be incorporated in the life of our patient. As well as a thorough study of the clinical history of the patient.

Nevertheless the previous day to the intervention, the patient must not eat and remain  7 hours fasting, depending on the time scheduled of the intervention. We always indicate that the patients should come with comfortable clothes, and if it is possible it should be able to open on the front.

Are the incisions visible?

The incisions are usually hidden , as generally they are in the back part of the auricular.

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