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Intimate surgery. Labiaplasty and remodel / feminine genital rejuvenation

This intervention of repairing surgery achieves to rejuvenate and improve the women genital area, returning the young and teen attractive look.

The labiaplasty (remodel of the small and big labia ) is combined with the clitoris cap reallocation and remodel techniques (which increases the sexual pleasure) and the filler of the big labia with fat from the patient. We obtain a better look of the genital area, being more attractive and correct, with no scars or marks during these interventions.

In cases where malformations are presented in that area (like the development of only one of the labia) with this surgery can be completely solved. This is going to allow the patient to carry a normal physical activity, as well as do sports and a sexual life without limitations or insecurities.

We are talking about an ambulatory surgery, without being hospitalised and that it is carried under local or sedation anesthesia, so you can almost immediately go back to your daily life.

Characteristics of labiaplasty and genital rejuvenation:

Duration of the procedure Approx. 1 hour
Anesthesia Local and sedation
Hospitalization Outgoing Patient
Return to work life 24-48 hours depending on the job
Return to sexual life Between the 2nd or 3rd week
Results Immediate and final after 8 weeks
Special Care Thorough hygiene and care on the area of intervention with antiseptics and antibacteria medicine. Use of intimate garments of 100% cotton.

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