Breast reduction

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reducción de mamas
reducción de mamas
cirujano plástico en Alicante
cirujano plástico en Alicante

Excessively big breast can be an aesthetics and health problem that can cause lack of comfort when it comes to dressing, personal care, working/ sport activity, etc. Likewise, it can mean a constant overload to the bone (spine) and muscle structure, that generally shows up by pain and contractures on the neck and dorso-lumbar spinal column.
The breast reduction surgery is a safe and fast procedure that gets to remove all those problems. This progresses drastically the life quality of our patients, making them feel more agile and younger, improving their welfare and their personal and social relationships.
This repairing surgery lies in the extraction of different breast gland segments to minimize the size and weight and running at the same time making them symmetrical ( as usually they are different), as well as raising and reallocating them. A breast reduction also obtains a permanent elevation, which will not fall down again.
The recovery of this intervention is surprisingly fast, even not needing major care in the postoperative period, apart from the personal hygiene and protection of the surgical incisions.
We carry out this surgery without the need of an aspiration drainage, as could check that the use of it does not increase the safety nor improves the recovery, but the opposite.

Characteristics of breast reduction:

Duration of the procedure 3 hours
Anesthesia General
Hospitalization 1 Day
Return to work life Depending of the physical activity, 2 to 4 weeks.
Results Immediate. Final results after a month or 3 depending on the case.

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