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Neck, cleavage and hands rejuvenation

Peeling means exfoliation, it consists on using different chemical substances to renovate the skin layers, to remove imperfections and to improve its look.

With the use of peelings we get to reduce the amount of wrinkles, rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, lighting it up.

For this process we use different types of acids, depending on the needs and the state of the skin. We use them to correct small wrinkles, to deal with acne, aging , skin stains, oily skin, etc.

The patient should stop using daily creams prior to the peeling, consult us. Previously we would a deep cleanliness of the face and afterwards we will carry out the peeling with the accurate acid. You will notice that your face will blush, but after this acid is neutralised, a mask will be applied to hydrate the face and this will make the blush to disappear.

You cannot sunbathe 15 days prior or after the peeling and once the treatment is carried out.
Use sun protection, as the skin will be very sensitive to the solar light.

With the use of combined peeling techniques , AHAs, vitamines, dermaroller and injected organic silicium we can improve the neck look ( to treat the dehydration, small wrinkles, elastin loss), the cleavage ( aging, stains and wrinkles) the jowls ( fat excess and loss of firmness), the hands ( dehydration, stains, skin breakage,etc), skin flaccidity, stretch marks, cellulite, etc.

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