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Rhinoplasty in Alicante

We count on the best surgical team in the region, many patients guarantee it. Many successful interventions. Below you can find a few examples from the previous and post surgical interventions:

Aesthetics and functional rhinoplasty in women a men.

It is one of the most popular interventions in aesthetics surgery, and with no doubt one of the most demanded procedures (rhinoplasty in Alicante). The aesthetics result, more than in any other intervention must be natural and impeccable, adjusting to the patient’s facial proportions. There is no nose “beautiful” as such, but an ideal nose for each face.

The nasal structure requires a special assessment and study that covers the osseous, cartilaginous and cutaneous structure; so that later, the patient is able to use different alternatives in the moulding. Reducing, increasing or refinement of the proportions and contours that contribute the nasal pyramid, the dorsum and the nasal root. All of these options will be assessed through a detailed and thorough interview. Always adjusting to the patient’s particular case , as well as a study of the images, dimensions and scanners.

For Dr. Aparicio and his team, nasal functionality is fundamental. For this reason, he will evaluate from the first moment the ventilatory capacity of the nose, as well as the proportionality in relation to the rest structures of the face. He will also consider the interaction with the moving elements of the face ( nasal muscles).

We look for a natural, beautiful and functional nose.

We look for irregularities, depressions or excesses of mobility not to be seen. Also, if in case of theses situations come up to light, they will be corrected. We would like to highlight that Dr. Aparicio and his team carry out both aesthetics and repairing rhinoplasties by direct approach (open and close technique). As simultaneously they correct problems involving diverted nasal septum, nasal obstruction, difficulties in dynamic breathing, etc. In these interventions we return and correct the structures of nasal support and skeleton allowing the nose to get back to an appropriate nasal function.

This integral vision allows to breathe again with no difficulties, which brings a great impact in the patient’s life quality, physical activity and sleep, with the benefit of getting an excellent and impeccable aesthetics result.

Rhinoplasty in Alicante, nose surgery.

We are talking about a surgery on high demand, as the nose is a big part of the face that demarcates the harmony and beauty of the face both in men and women.

Characteristics of the procedure:

Duration of the procedure 2-3 hours
Anesthesia General
Special Needs 0 – 1 día
Hospitalization Nasal packing the first 2 days in cases of restitution or corrections of the diversion of the nasal septum. Use of thermal mask during the first 24/48 hours.
Return to work life 10/15 days depending on the work activity and the need or not of carrying a cast or fastening splint.
Results Noticeable after 15 days and final after a year.




Is this intervention painful?

It is not a painful intervention but annoying due to the fact of having to wear a nasal blockage in the nasal septum. Once this is removed the patients feel comfortable.

What type of anesthesia do they use?

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty is always carried out with general anesthesia. Moreover they use another anesthesia in the nose area. This is an anesthesia with a soon and fast recovery.

Will I have a plaster on the face?

After a rhinoplasty we need to put on a plaster that must be carried during the first 7 days after the surgery. The removal of this is a completely painless process for the patient.

When can I notice the results?

The results from a rhinoplasty can be seen after a few weeks, keeping in mind that the result is not accurate. The final result will be seen after a month more or less.

How long will I be away from work?

After the rhinoplasty you will have to be at home for at least a week, after two or three days you will feel better and after the plaster is removed you will be able to go back to work.

From what age is it recommended?

To carry out a rhinoplasty, we should wait at least until the bone development is completely done, this is usually between 16 and 18 years-old.

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