Facial wrenching reconstruction

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Parcial wrenching reconstruction- ears and auricular oncological surgery.

In the presence of an auricular injury from an accident or due to the necessity of carrying out a tumor resection, we set out to our patients the best reconstructive alternatives available, using the patient’s tissues from areas close to the damaged ear.

The fact of losing part of the ear should not determine an aesthetics failure as it is a problem that can be solved.

We offer our patients both partial and total reconstructions of the auricle; which will allow you to have a normal personal and social life, and above all feel and see better about yourself.

In cases where the patients must be subjects of tumor resections with a partial ear amputation we carry out simultaneously a healing surgery and a reconstruction making the ear symmetrical to the other one. For it we conduct a tridimensional approach of the ear, recreating its curves and furrows with the patient’s tissues.

We will keep or create the necessary support points of the ear to use glasses always keeping in mind the general auricular aesthetics. For it, in many occasions we set out our patients the need of carrying out procedures in two different surgical moments with the goal of obtaining a stable and long lasting result with the maximum aesthetics and reconstructive quality.

We are reconstructive surgeons and as such we are ready to resolve situations which the “cosmetic” or reconstructive surgeon are not able to.

Characteristics of the procedure:

Duration of the procedure Variable ( depending on the initial injury level and the complexity of the procedure)
Anesthesia General
Hospitalization 0-1 Day
Return to work life Variable depending on the type of reconstruction.
Results Noticeable after 45 days.

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