Secondary or repairing rhinoplasty

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Rinoplastia alicante

Secondary or repairing rhinoplasty (after a previous surgery or accidents)

When you have already been through a rhinoplasty (functional or aesthetical) and you do not achieve the appropriate result, we should consider the need of a secondary repairing procedure. Usually functional and breathing difficulties show up, due to a bad handling of the system of the nasal support. Moreover important aesthetic flaws can show up, that were not solved by the prior doctors.

The repairing rhinoplasty is not an easy and fast procedure, and because of that our work team assesses in depth each case before setting out an alternative in a complete aesthetics nasal reconstruction.
In many occasions, patients consult us after suffering a nasal traumatic or tumoral injury. In each case we will assess which are the fundamental elements to reconstruct as well as the sequence of logical and proper action of each patient.

It is clear that in secondary or reconstructive cases we should lay out clear aesthetics and functional goals to achieve. These goals must be focused on:

  1. Nasal restructuration and correction of malformations and inconsistencies.
  2. Reinstauration of the ventilatory nasal function.
  3. Getting a beautiful nose with a proper and harmonious proporcionality with the rest of the face structures.

Individualising each case and studying it in depth. Establish an order and priority of acting facing difficult repairing situations. It is our goal to get a result both aesthetics and reconstructive in excellence.

Characteristics of the procedure:

Duration of the procedure 3 – 4 hours
Anesthesia General
Hospitalization 1 day
Special Needs Nasal packing the first 2 days in cases of restitution or corrections of the diversion of the nasal septum. Use of thermal mask during the first 24/48 hours. Necessity of internal or external fastening splints depending on the case.
Return to work life 10/15 days depending on the work activity and the development of the postoperative oedema.
Results Noticeable after 15 days and final after a year.
rinoplastia alicante
cirujano plástico en Alicante
cirujano plástico en Alicante

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