Calf Augmentation

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Calf augmentation surgery

Surgery designed to improve and shape the calves. It can be done by implants or fat transference applying fat micrografts that come from a lipoaspiration of the other areas ( generally from the “fat rolls” or lumbar areas). The second option is the most advisable in this case in particular as in the calf area it is problematic to use implants.
Our goal is to improve the look of the leg and in some cases to restore the natural shape ( in special for those patients with atrophies or malformations in the area, or for patients with volume and muscle loss due to accidents or trauma).
We carry out this procedure both in aesthetics and in reconstructive aspects, using lipotransfer and lipofilling techniques. In spite of the existence of silicone implants, our reconstructive experience lead us not to advise the use of it, due to the high rate of complications that they produce( implant displacements, exposition or extrusion, abnormal implant mobility, etc).
We often carry out the calves remodel with fat, associated to other procedures such as total body liposuction and liposculpture, gluteal implant allocation or gluteal lift with the aim of getting the harmonious ensemble in the patient’s figure both in the trunk as in the limbs.

Characteristics of calf augmentation :

Duration of the procedure Approx. 2 hours
Anesthesia Epidural + sedation
Hospitalization 1 day
Return to work life Depending on the level of physical activity, between 15 – 30 days
Results Immediate and final after 8 weeks
Special Care Compression  bandages and limitation of the physical activity for the first month and a half after the surgery

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