Repetitive conjunctivitis

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Repetitive conjunctival and keratitis exposure.

Normally these are generated after a badly orientated or executed aesthetics procedure or due to the process of aging of some individuals with a highly predisposition to them.

Patients that present this problem, develop a repetitive conjunctivitis, with the constant need of a constant special medication, artificial eye drops or even ocular patch to avoid eye injuries. Being vital a good eyelid and the surrounding area reconstruction.

For it we count on the widest experience on the facial injuries treatment and most specifically a palpebral treatment, originated in our service on the reconstructive area both at private and public level, where we carry out procedures of great complexity. Moreover, in the Vistahermosa Clinic, we count on the collaboration of other professionals that belong to an ophthalmologic unit from our centre. So in constant collaboration with these professional we can offer you the most definite solution to this difficult situation.

Characteristics of the procedure:

Duration of the procedure 1-3 hours
Anesthesia Local + sedation or General
Hospitalization Surgery without hospitalization or stay associated to the procedures
Return to work life Depending on the procedure between 15-20 days..
Results Immediate after surgery and final after 3 months.

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