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Intimate surgery or feminine genital area surgery

In this delicate area it exists a situations ensemble that derive a discomfort in women. The excessive development of the small lips and the lack of volume in the big lips are commonly associated to the normal aging although in many occasions can be seen in teenagers and young adults becoming a true problem to these.

Not only this is presented as an aesthetics problem characterised by the excessive size of the small lips but also by the chafing problems or even difficulties to have sexual relationships or do some exercise.

The same way, the intimate and sexual life is limited for this patients, being frequent a motive of shame or discomfort with the partner, as well as the origin of personal insecurities.

All of these situations are entirely solved fast and safely, giving not only the anatomy and normal genital look back but also the trust, security and femininity that you need.

We are specialists in plastic and reconstructive surgery and we are successful in every intervention with the best aesthetics and functional results. The use of the most advanced techniques as well as the experience of the medical team allows an unbeatable result.