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Who we are

The Silfid’ unit of plastic and reconstructive surgery, led by Dr. Juanjo Aparicio, is formed by professional and compromised doctors that can offer their patients their maximum quality and security in plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as the best results in surgery and aesthetic medicine interventions.
The welfare of our patients is our maximum concern and our only interest; because of that we run a comprehensive assessment of the situation of each individual to adjust the surgical and medical techniques to your needs.

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Our work is based on three main foundations:


1.Trust in our patients and professionals: We establish a warm, direct and honest manner that allow our patients to feel comfortable and confident during their changing process without feeling abandoned once the surgical intervention or the medical treatment has been run. We count on a multidisciplinary professional team that work on an only goal which is that our patients feel and see themselves good, solving their worries and improving their aesthetics and quality of life.

2.Effectiveness and professionalism of our team and procedures:

We only indicate each patient the procedures and techniques (medical or surgical) that would really achieve remarkable results. We evaluate each patient on an individual basis, providing a global assessment of their situation and possibilities of improvement/ correction.

3.The warranty of getting a flawless result that puts the safety and welfare of our patients first.

Our philosophy is always to achieve the aesthetic and natural (non-artificial) result in cosmetic medicine and surgery, as well as safety in mid and long term in regards to complications derived from from surgeries and procedures.


Our facilities.

Our team

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Juanjo Aparicio Alcázar

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon and Medical Director of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Unit in Silfid’ in the clinic Vistahermosa in Alicante.

Member of the directive board in the Valencian Society of Plastic Surgery ( SECPREV). Member of the Spanish Society of Plastic Surgery (SECPRE). Distinguished member of the Service of Plastic Surgery from the General University Hospital of Alicante, specialised in microsurgical mammary and facial reconstruction.

He finished his PhD studies in Surgical Anatomy in the Miguel Hernández University achieving a Suma Cum Laude PhD. Collaborator teacher in multiple courses in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

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José Jiménez Alonso

Doctor specialised in Aesthetics Medicine, responsible of the medical-aesthetic treatment (non-surgical) of the Silfid’ patients. He has run numerous studies and presentations in the field of regenerative medicine and medical-aesthetic treatment of facial rejuvenation and body remodel.

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Jorge García Juarranz

Plastic Surgeon

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Anghara Felipe Álvarez

Manager responsible of the assistential and administrative quality in Silfid’. She runs the Unit of Management, from the most individualised and kind service to our patients. Master in Economy and Finances in FUNDESEM, moreover she counts on a specialised training in online marketing and business management.

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Raquel Escortell Sánchez

Nutritionist specialised in nutrition and dietetics in the Clinics Asisa in a national level. She collaborates with Silfid’ in the nutritional assessment of our patients in both weight loss and nutritional advice and maintenance.

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Cristina Peral Clares

Nurse in charge of the surgical schedule of our patients as well as the assessment and dressing of our patients in the post-operative period.
Specialist in surgical instrumentation and she counts on a wide experience in medical equipment.

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Mari Ángeles Pérez Villaescusa

Pre and post surgery. Welfare treatments.

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Davinia Savall Moya

Pre and post surgery. Welfare treatments.

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Rosa Molina Martínez

Pre and post surgery. Welfare treatments.


Natalia Puche

Director of Micro Centre in Alicante, being an specialist in oncological and aesthetics micro-pigmentation. She takes part in our assessment and integral treatment team of Breast Cancer, running a maximum quality cosmetic task.