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Liposculpture. Liposuction of great importance or Total Body Liposculpture.

The liposuction of great importance or Total Body Liposculpture consists on a Vibroliposuction or Laser Liposuction in every problematic area of fat accumulation of the patient.

Given the magnitude of the laid out liposuction ( bigger than 7 litres of fat), it is necessary a hemodynamic study. We also need a series of preparations and foresights to keep the safety and stability of our patients. This intervention is carried out under general anesthesia and requires an important compromise by our medical/surgical team, as well as by our patients side to keep and care for the obtained result during the surgery.


In this surgery, once all the necessary fat is removed we process the obatined fat to get “pure and implantable fat”. With these techniques of filtration and centrifuged (lipofilling). This fat will be the tissue and volume regenerative element that we will allocate in a selective way where we would like to increase ( breast and/ or glutes ). This process is ideal to those “curvy” women that wish to reaffirm or slenderise their figure. Removing the fat excess from the organism and redistributing it to extol those areas where the volume is needed.

Given the magnitude of the intervention different reaffirming treatments will be necessary. As well as the use of compression / pressotherapy garments. These last ones will help us to define and model the silhouette of our patients. Achieving, in only one procedure, a significant change of the body contours of the patients, giving a harmonic result of the figure.

Our expert in skin care will look after the postoperative to help caring and purifying the result, using lymphatic drainage, pneumatic techniques and radiofrequency and carboxytherapy on those problematic areas where the cutaneous adaptation is harder.

Consult us about the areas you might me interested on treating and Dr. Aparicio and his team will inform you.

Characteristics of the procedure:

Duration of the procedure 5-6 hours
Anesthesia General
Return to work life Variable depending on the areas. Between 10 – 12 days
Results Immediate having oedemas and swelling after the intervention and that will disappear in about 2 months


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