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The importance of nutrition.

Nutrition has become very important in the past years. It is essential to acquire correct and healthy eating habits as they are vital for keeping an optimal state of health and aesthetics.

Every day we are more constant on the importance of keeping a good eating habit “we are what we eat”; we should know what quantity and type of food we should ingest during the day for a correct function of our organism. This will be key for also improving and keeping our figure. Furthermore the benefits that we get from these personalised diets that go over the aesthetics. Disease prevention and the pathologies improvement is related to our life habits and the food is fundamental in this aspect.

With our personalised diets and our intolerance tests we will create a list with the suitable food for you, we will give you a guideline and we will guide you during the diet to make sure you have achieved the goals we aimed and you have acquired the proposed habits. The results are very satisfactory and it is essential after running surgical aesthetics procedures such as liposuctions, as that way you ensure keeping the figure obtained.