Mammary reconstruction with wide dorsal muscle

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Mammary reconstruction with wide dorsal muscle

This reconstruction is the golden egg of the mammary reconstructive surgery in cases where radiotherapy has been used.

It consists on replacing the damaged thorax tissue and replace it with healthy skin and back muscle.

This will allow us to expand the healthy skin ( from the back reallocated on the breast) and subsequently allocate a final mammary implant, avoiding the risk of the wounds opening, capsular contractures and residual malformations, frequently shown in patients that have used radiotherapy.

Dr. Aparicio’s team is an expert in the mammary reconstructive field, so in addition to obtaining the restitution of the lost anatomy ( mastectomized breast), also achieves the symmetry in short, medium and long term in the contralateral breast. The reconstructive and aesthetic result is by all means, excellent.

Another variation of the dorsal tissue reconstruction is the substitution of the thoracic tissue for back tissue that afterwards will increase its volume with body fat (lipofilling). In this case a 100% natural look is obtained, as it is not necessary to implant a mammary prosthesis and at the same time the patients also gets a liposculpture in the areas where there’s more body fat.

It is a two moments procedure ( two surgeries) that carried out well can give an excellent result with the maximum reconstructive safety.

Characteristics of the mammary reconstruction with the dorsal tissue:

First Intervention
  • Dorsal flap + mammary expander + contralateral symmetry (mastopexy contralateral prosthesis)
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Hospitalization: 2 days
  • Recovery: 1 month
  • Special care: Use of aspirational drainage and periodic infiltrations in the clinic.
Second Intervention
  • Change of the mammary expander for the final mammary prosthesis +/- CAP
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Hospitalization: Outpatient surgery ( no hospitalization period)
  • Recovery: 1 -2 weeks
  • Special care: Use of sports bra and CAP protection.

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