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Facial Paralysis

Comprehensive treatment of the facial paralysis

The facial paralysis is without doubt one of the most important reconstructive challenges in facial surgery.

In Silfid’ you can count on a serious and resolutive global approach. Since the first visit we establish a working system that we will follow step by step to be able to repair or substitute the lost nervous or muscle structures.

Our reconstructive priorities are:

  • The paralytic eye protection and the maintenance of its function: We carry out suspension and restructuring techniques of the eyelid.
  • Face symmetry: with the selective application of the Botox in the correct muscles we can relax the face towards the healthy side and correct the altered facial expression. We complement the deficit of the atrophied tissues with the use of the patient’s fat (lipofilling techniques) or with the use of absorbable fillers (hyaluronic acid).
  • Pain treatment by re-neurotization unsuitable for facial paralysis: Thanks to the selective nervous blockage we achieve to reduce the paralysis. This therapy also has the advantage that in many occasions we achieve to redirect the muscle neurotization of the face, also considering not having the need of surgical correction for the paralysis.
  • Dynamic correction of the paralysis and muscle substitution: In long evolution paralysis in which an atrophy and muscle damage of the paralytic side has occurred we carry out procedures of nervous transference (cross-face) as selective muscle transferences.

These surgical methods imply to restitute or take back the damaged or lost face muscles after the facial paralysis and to be able to have an active and dynamic smile both consciously and unconsciously.

At the same time we obtain the face symmetry where it was supposed to be, achieving the correction of the so called faceblast.

To be able to run a complete assessment, you should bring with you all the information you have related to the event that caused the paralysis (accident, surgery, scans or CATs, etc.) The same way we must carry out a complete electromyographic study to judge the muscle-nervous damage of the affected area and in the necessary cases, high resolution image studies.

We always count in the inestimable collaboration of the Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy team of the Vistahermosa Clinic, who have run a great and necessary labor in this matter.

In Silfid’ your facial paralysis problem has a solution and must be assessed and treated correctly.

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