Torn earlobes

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Torn earlobes is one of the most frequent problems among the earring bearers.

It is produced due to the use of big earrings ( that can get caught on clothes and tear the earlobe) and its weight, that progressively dilate and tear the earlobe.

On the other hand the use of dilator systems (dilator piercings) develops the progressive increase of the auricular earlobe as well as its hole.

Both partial flaws (partial tear) and total, the use of earrings is impossible as the earring cannot be worn on a torn earlobe.

The reconstructive surgery of the torn earlobes is minimally invasive that is carried out under local anesthesia. The ear tissue is resected, the produced by the dilation, and the we restore the normal shape of the earlobe.

Its result is immediate and permanent,and the surgery lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. Once the intervention is finished you will have to wait between one and two months to get your ear pierced to favour a correct scar on the treated areas.

We are talking about a painless procedure that does not difficulty the work or social life, and that carried out by our surgical team achieves an excellent result.

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