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Abdominoplasty, abdomen surgery.

It is one of the most popular procedures among our patients. It consists on removing the tissue excess in the abdominal area as a consequence of weight gain, aging, flaccidity or pregnancy. To obtain a slender silhouette and achieve a flat and defined abdomen. Abdominoplasty in Alicante.

In many occasions even when we follow dietetic treatments and do abundant exercise we do not achieve to reduce the fat deposits and the excess skin on the abdomen. In some cases these deposits also remain in the side abdomen walls. These areas are even more difficult to work on with exercise.

Furthermore after the pregnancy or when we have suffered from a big weight loss, the abdominal wall suffers distances among the muscles , this is called diastasis; and this makes the abdomen recovery harder.

After having an abdominoplasty we can, at the same time, reduce fat and the cutaneous tissue of the abdomen (skin). We also reinforce and correct the muscle component of the abdomen. And in case of being necessary, we can allocate reinforcing meshes on the abdomen , both absorbable and permanent.
Dr.Aparicio and his team, given their wide experience in reconstructive surgery will focus the intervention so you can get that slender, firm and sexy figure, with maximum security.

Characteristics  of abdominal stretching (abdominoplasty):

Duration of the procedure
del procedimiento
2 – 3 Hours depending on the case
Anesthesia General or  Epidural + deep sedation
Retorno a la vida
Return to work life
Between 10 – 20 days, depending on the physical activity
Results Immediate. Final after 2 months
Special Care Abdominal bandage or pressotherapy garment for a month and drainage for the first 3-5 days after the surgical intervention. Manual and pneumatic lymphatic drainage, as well as a postlipo treatment to reaffirm and tighten the abdomen and trunk skin.


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