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Mammary reconstruction with abdominal tissue or DIEP / Microsurgery

Mammary reconstruction with abdominal tissue or DIEP / Microsurgery

This is without doubt the gold standard and the best reconstructive alternative after overcoming breast cancer.

We are talking about a great importance intervention which in just one procedure obtains a total mammary reconstruction using abdominal tissue from the patient. In this case we carry out an abdominal tissue transplant based on abdominal vascular system and putting it together to the thoracic vessels (internal mammary vessels). By doing so, in just one surgery we obtain both an impeccable result by removing the surplus tummy tissue ( as in the abdominoplasty where the abdomen remains completely flat) and the restitution of the lost breast with organic tissue from the woman.

The brand new breast will behave naturally as we do not use prosthesis nor muscle substitutions as we do in other reconstructive alternatives.

Your breast will gain and lose weight as the rest of your body. It will have the same touch as the contralateral breast and at the same it will not be affected by temperature changes nor by the aging if the implant. As it is the patient’s tissue there are no options for rejections nor incompatibilities. This is an excellent reconstructive option that we reserve for exceptional cases due to its complexity in execution and care.

It is required a CAT scan to check the existence of necessary vascular systems for this microsurgical transplant, as well as the a series of certain characteristics that we will assess in the consultation room. It is important to highlight that due to the complexity of this intervention, as well as our compromise with the quality of the reconstructive surgery, the candidates to these interventions cannot be active smokers or present other simultaneous diseases that counter-indicate this surgical alternative.

Dr.Aparicio is an expert in microsurgery and in autologous transplant surgery. This is why he will assess and recommend the best reconstructive option as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the donor and receiver areas of tissue.

In spite of the magnitude of the intervention, the recovery is surprisingly fast, only being necessary a guideline and cares that will be given to you in our clinic for the first two weeks of the intervention.

Characteristics of breast augmentation by Lipofilling:

Duration of the procedure 7-8 hours
Previous Studies Abdominal CAT scan
Hospitalization 5 days
Return to work life 3 to 4 weeks
Results Stop Tamoxifen 15 days. Incisions and aspirational drainage care. Use of compression bandage and sports bra.


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Mammary reconstruction with abdominal tissue or DIEP / Microsurgery

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Mammary reconstruction with abdominal tissue or DIEP / Microsurgery

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