Nasal reconstruction

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Total or partial nasal reconstruction ( cancer, accidents or cocaine use).

The major damages that the cancer, accidents or prolonged and repetitive consumption of cocaine sometimes lead to the defacement of the face. So in these cases it is important to run a complete study of the extension mechanisms and levels of the injuries presented, as well as the different internal and external nasal structures from a global perspective and with a reconstructive orientation.

We carry out reconstructive procedures of great importance, both in partial and total flaws of the nose, to get the best aesthetics and reconstructive result possible in each case.

In cases of trauma, the initial reconstruction will be focused on the preservation of the structures of the nasal support, as well as minimizing the original damage. Once the injury is stabilized we will advise the following steps of an aesthetics and functional reconstruction.

In patients with nasal cancer, either internal or external, our approach will always be the goal of cancer recovery. To this effect, we carry out the necessary surgeries with the aim of eradicating the tumoral injury together with the confidence of knowing that we will be able to restore the facial flaws presented. We combine several surgical techniques with the objective of restructure the nose with the minimum surgical aggressiveness possible and the maximum benefit for the patient.

We lay out the nasal reconstruction in 3D, where we restitue the nasal mucosa, the cartilaginous skeleton and the proper cutane cover, so that later we can run the proper aesthetics refinements. We offer a total and professional service.

Simultaneously this type of injuries are treated in our centre in Vistahermosa Clinic by the rest of specialists in the Tumoral Unit in our institution, looking for an integral treatment of our patients from an oncological , radiotherapeutic and surgical point of view.

In cases where patients present cocaine consumption injuries, we would postpone the nasal reconstruction until we verify the cessation of consumption of this toxic during at least a year steadily. In the same way we would ask for a real commitment of the patient in his/her recovery and detoxification, as otherwise any attempt of reconstruction will fail.

Depending on the degree of the injury ( perforation of the nasal septum, nasal collapse, retraction of nasal wings, valvular collapse, etc) each patient will be set out the surgery or combination of necessary surgeries to achieve the best aesthetics possible result.

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