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Plastic surgery for him

In our clinic we have special treatments focused on male aesthetics surgery. Even though the majority of the treatments can be done on both sexes, in this case these two surgeries are special for men. The aesthetics, the proportion and the naturality are basics in the aesthetics surgery and in our clinic we always follow those premises.

Silfid’ is going to help you improve those aspects that make you feel uncomfortable, and recover your both body and facial look. The male aesthetics surgery is more common, there is a high rate of men that are subject of these type of surgeries to improve their physical image.

Our medical team is specialised in reconstruction, so you can benefit from the advantage of having a qualified and experienced medical team. The assessment is always individualised as it is very important both the medical and your opinion. This will help to determine the guideline of the surgical process. In Silfid’ we are specialists in making you feel good.

Do not hesitate, contact us, we will assess you on your problem in a clear and intimate way.