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Penis enlargement

Penis enlargement

Thanks to the most modern plastic surgery techniques in Silfid’ a penis enlargement is possible.

The present penis enlargement techniques achieve a size increase from about 2 cm in resting position to 2-3 cm in an erection.
This intervention is frequently associated to the thickening increase through fat infiltrating techniques (lipofilling) in the penis body. This fat is obtained by a small liposuction in the abdominal and pubic area, being a benefit of a fat reduction on those areas.

As we use the patient’s fat, rejections or complications are practically impossible. Minimizing the risks that the synthetic materials entail (biopolymers and silicone derivations). Nowadays, this is the best alternative to achieve a true penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement postoperative

Sexual abstinence is essential once the surgery is done for at least a month. Resting is important as we will avoid tissue displacements and we will help the capture of those tissues.

Swelling is usually presented after the surgery, the duration of this swelling varies depending on the patient but does not last longer than a week.

It does not require hospitalization, after 24 hours that patient is discharged. Local anesthesia is used on this intervention combined with sedation.

Penis enlargement surgery is a simple and unproblematic surgery, and it is important to follow the doctor’s guideline.

In Silfid’ we are specialists in plastic and repairing surgery, we have a wide experience in these type of interventions.

Characteristics of the procedure:

Duration of the procedure Between 1 – 2 hours, depending on the need of a pubic internal structure restitution.
Anesthesia Local + sedation
Hospitalization Outpatient surgery (non hospitalized)
Return to work life After 7 to 10 days
Return to sexual life 3 weeks after the surgery
Results Immediate, and progressive improvement until the second month.
Special characteristics Swelling and possible hematomes in the genital area. It is required the use of suitable boxers for a testicular support.


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