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Surgical correction of a Lymphedema

Surgical correction of a Lymphedema

A lymphedema is a complication or an effect from an axillary surgery or an axillary or inguinal clearance after a radical mastectomy or a tumorectomy of the members.

We are talking about a true problem to those affected patients and it can be seen due to the swelling, deformity and changes on the size, weight and consistency of the affected members (arms or legs). It is associated with the pain and discomfort on the affected member being connected with the development of local infections (cellulitis, abscesses, etc).

Its treatment is extremely complex and requires an enormous compromise of our reconstructive team, as well as great discipline from our patients to follow every indication of the guideline and the necessary rehab.

We deal with this problem from every possible therapeutic angle, which is originated in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, the use of devices of pneumatic pressotherapy, lymphatic drainage and cutaneous distraction with special garments until the surgical correction of this pathology and base symptoms through combined techniques of liposuction and lymphatic transference.

We carry out supra microsurgical procedures: we transplant part of the superficial lymphatic system of the leg or neck, to the pertinent arm or thigh. The result is the reduction of the pressure on the member with the lymphedema, as well as a reduction of the volume and weight. This is due to the correction of the mechanism that causes the lymphedema and the creation of a new lymphatic system on the treated area which will drain the lymph excess of the member.

The results that nowadays we obtain in this field, extremely impacts on the life quality of our patients, being obvious the benefit obtained after this intense and complex task.

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Surgical correction of a Lymphedema

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Surgical correction of a Lymphedema

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