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Reconstructive Otoplasty

Reconstructive Otoplasty

In many occasions the cause of injuries in the external part of the ear might be due to burns, infected perforations or traumatic injuries.

The importance of the intervention will depend on how serious the injury is. If we are dealing with a total reconstruction the process might be long. But if what we are looking for is to reconstruct the earlobe, we are talking about an ambulatory intervention.

In cases with severe damages, we would have to wait to the tissue to heal up completely before carrying out any intervention, this is why these interventions might take longer than a simple otoplasty.

Ear reconstructive surgery- Procedure

Usually the complete process is developed in a few months and it has four stages.

Stage one: In this first stage two procedures can be distinguished. Firstly, we need to obtain healthy cartilage, usually from the ribs, to insert it underneath the ear skin we want to repair. Several days of recovery required.

Stage two: In this stage we start the reconstruction of the ear starting with the earlobe.

Stage three: Skin graft from the gluteal area to be put on the ear.

Stage four: In this stage we work the symmetry and naturalness of the ear, so we get the best result possible.

Henceforth a reconstructive otoplasty is a long and complicated process that will vary depending on the seriousness of the problem. In Silfid’ we are experts in reconstructive surgery.

Characteristics of the otoplasty:

Duration of the procedure Depending on the difficulty.
Anesthesia Local + sedation or general depending on if the patients are adults or children
Hospitalization Depending on the type of intervention.
Return to work life
Results Depending on the type of intervention.


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