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Tuberous Breast


Breast asymmetry in Alicante

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Correction of tuberous breast

There is always a certain breast asymmetry, no one has exactly identical breast. When this asymmetry is noticeable and raises a concern and a discomfort, we should run a appropriate and a correct assessment of the degree of asymmetry and malformation, for being able to properly correct each one of the breast.

In some cases these differences are significantly and are commonly associated to malformation problems in the thoracic wall. Due to this the study and the resolution of the mammary asymmetry must be combined with the study of the structures that build the entire thorax.

However often small asymmetries can be fixed with minor procedures ( fat fillers, areola and niple mobilisation, etc.) in most of the cases reconstructive surgical interventions are required and depending on the level of the malformation, these will be carried out in 1 or 2 interventions. We must always evaluate the type of breast and the problem, as sometimes reducing one of breast, this can be fixed.

In cases with patients with tuberous breast, it is produced a lack of development in the lower part of the breast as well as the formation of a constriction ring underneath the niple; this causes the formation of an obvious malformation on the breast. This situation can be corrected simultaneously with the breast augmentation procedure.

In Silfid’, Dr. Aparicio’s team carefully plans the reconstructive intervention so we can offer you an excellent result since the first moment. We try at all times to achieve the maximum and best symmetry possible, using identical mammary implants for both breast, as this option gives a proper development as times passes.

In the cases where we combine lipofilling techniques or fat fillers for the correction of those asymmetries the result obtained is excellent. Unfortunately this alternative in many cases implies having to go through surgery, but it is certainly worth it.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”tabla-caracteristicas”]

Characteristics of breast symmetry/ repairing breast augmentation procedure:

Duration of the procedure 2 – 3 hours
Anesthesia General
Hospitalization 1 – 2 days
Return to work life Variable depending on the type of intervention and of the physical activity of the patient.
Results Immediate. Final results after 2-3 months after the disappearance of the oedema and the initial swelling.

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