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Carboxytherapy and mesotherapy with lipolytic products (cellulite treatment)

Depending on the consistency we classify the cellulite on hard, flaccid and edematose. Hard cellulite is usually found on young women with a good physic and generally sporty or ballerines whose tissues are firm, toned and without oedemas, which complicates its location. The flaccid cellulite is typical in sedentary people or to those who once were active and they are not anymore. It is also presented on people who have been subject of different treatments, have gained or lost weight. Lastly, the edematose cellulitis (orange skin) is found in any age women but it is frequent in young and teenage women. In mature women it is usually presented as fatty legs. Usually located on the lower legs, being visible the “orange skin”.

Carboxytherapy is a non surgical technique, minimally invasive in which CO2 is used as a therapy by a percutaneous administration or subcutaneous injection.

CO2 is a painless, colourless and non toxic gas which constitutes one of the final products of the living metabolism. The resting organism produces around 200 ml of this gas per minute but this increases 10 times while exercising.

CO2 is a powerful vasodilator at a microcirculation level that increases the speed and the microcirculatory movement, producing an oxygen increase, stimulating the good operation of the tissues and activating the lipolisis; in other words, this element helps the fat destruction.

Combining the body mesotherapy with lipolytic products ( fat destruction) we get fantastic results. The doctor will determine the amount of sessions that you must be subject of to improve and remove the cellulite.

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