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Body Mesotherapy

The mesotherapy is technique which uses small and fine needles that inject substances in the mesodermis. These needles are very fine and it is a minimally invasive method. Depending on your case the doctor will indicate the type of substances that suits your case and he/she will proceed to administer them.

This technique is one of the most effective and it is also minimally invasive. The results can be seen since the first session, and from the fourth or sixth session will be obvious and over time you can have additional sessions.

In the cellulite origin, in addition to the hereditary and constitutional factors, it always exists an alteration of the blood circulation, occasionally emphasised by external factors ( contraceptives, tobacco, tight garments, sedentarism, unhealthy eating habits,etc.). The mesotherapy consists on injecting certains products and medicines of renown efficiency underneath the cutaneous surface to activate the local circulation to release its content. We achieve to improve the skin oxygen and to produce a local combustion of the fat that after will me removed through the urine.

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