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Mammary reconstruction with expanders and breast prosthesis

Mammary reconstruction with expanders and breast prosthesis. This is the most simple and basic way of mammary reconstruction.

It consists on the use of expandable breast implants that we allocate in the mastectomy area so that afterwards we can distend those tissues and allow the allocation of a final mammary implant.

We leave this option for patients that do not require a radiotherapy treatment and we also remodel the other breast with or without prosthesis to get the best aesthetic result as well as a proper symmetry.

The high quality of the implants we use allow us guarantee a long term result that must be assessed and controlled over the years. So in the event of any problems showing up (rejection, implant contracture or rupture) we will be able to solve it fast and efficiently.

The mammary reconstruction with expander and prosthesis is a procedure carried out in two surgical moments in which we will obtain the necessary breast volume for the allocation of the final mammary implant.

Once this reconstructive stage is finished we will continue with reconstruction of the niple-aerola area, with this we will have a finished breast suitable for the patient.

In patients that can use a conservative skin mastectomy to their advantage, can get simultaneously an immediate total reconstruction, what obviously benefits the fast recovery from the cancer without having to get any more surgeries nor having to see their body differently.

So in reconstructive surgery, Dr. Aparicio’s team will give you the surgical alternative that you need to overcome this hard period.

Characteristics of breast lift or mastopexy with or without implants:

Planification Surgery in two surgical moments.
Duration of the procedure 1.5 hours in each intervention
Entire reconstructive process 4-6 months
Special Care Incisions healing and cutaneous quality improvement of the treated areas before and after each intervention. Use of a sports bra.


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