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Gluteal Augmentation

Gluteal augmentation with prosthesis

This is without doubt one of the most demanded surgeries right now and that differentiate us among the other professionals in the area. The gluteal augmentation with silicone prosthesis is a usual practice where in a fast, safe and predictable way we achieve to increase, model and correct the volume, shape and projection deficit of the area giving back its attractive and sensual look.
We look for a balanced and beautiful silhouette that does not alter your structure but one that improves and makes it more attractive.

The volume of the gluteal implants that we allocate always comply with the anatomic dimensions and your wishes, as proportions are something essential as it is your taste.

A big glute is not necessary a beautiful and attractive glute. This must be firm, slender and in its right position as it is an important attraction in the anatomy both in men and women. With our gluteal augmentation techniques, we achieve it.

We use cohesive gel silicone prosthesis that we allocate in the muscle-splitting space in the major glute. These are introduced by an incision practically invisible located in the intergluteal crease. At the same time we complement the remodel of this important area of the body with conventional liposuction techniques and laser liposuction of the hips and “fat rolls”, to obtain firmness and definition of the curves you are looking for.

The laser surgery, increases firmness and definition of the area, removing the frequently associated flaccidity and cellulite.

General characteristics of the gluteal augmentation techniques:

Duration of the procedure 2 – 3 hours
Hospitalization 1 – 2 days
Return to work life    Around 20 days after the surgery
Intense Physical Exercise
2 months after the intervention
Results Final after 2 months
Special Care Thorough hygiene of the scar and the surgical area. Use of aspiration drainage. Use of special compression and firmness garments. Intermittent pneumatic lymphatic drainage.


Gluteal Lipofilling and gluteal lift

There is another technique to improve the look of the glute based on micrografts with fat, and from these we reconstruct the buttock muscle.

Dr.Aparicio is an expert in gluteal remodel. Together with his team they have elaborated a protocol in case you need a comprehensive gluteal remodel that combines the use of fat micrografts (Brazilian lift) with upper glute lifts (special for patients who have suffered weight and volume loss); and the use of silicone implants with the aim of achieving that firm and healthy look.

A beautiful, balanced and rounded buttock can be achieve with combination of physical exercise, a good bone structure and a series of aesthetics surgical procedures that define and improve those factors.

Characteristics of gluteal augmentation with fat (Gluteal Lipofilling):

Duration of the procedure 3 – 4 hours
Anesthesia General +epidural catheter 24 hours
Hospitalization 1- 2 days depending if the procedure includes the use of gluteal implants
Return to work life     Depending on the physical activity, usually after 3 weeks
Results Immediate
Special Care Use of drainage for 1-3 days and pressotherapy garments for 3-4 weeks. Our patients will start walking the day after the intervention to favor a fast recovery.


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