Mammary reconstruction of areola and niple

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Mammary reconstruction of areola and niple

This is the final stage of the feminine mammary reconstruction.

There are different ways of reconstructing the areola and the niple, reusing the same niple or creating a new one with the tissues of the reconstructed breast, or there is a third option that uses tattooing techniques obtaining excellent results.

We are dealing with surgical procedures that are carried out under local anesthesia that do not require a hospitalization period and once they have been conducted allow an immediate return to your life.

It is very important to fulfill a good job as it is key to achieve an excellent mammary reconstruction result. The mammary reconstruction is one of the most performed procedures in Silfid’ and we count on numerous patients who are very satisfied with the results.

In Silfid’ we are experts in reconstructive and repairing surgery. Mammary reconstruction is without doubt a reconstructive changing process and the areola and niple reconstruction is, as our patients say, “the icing on the cake”.

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